Traffic Division
Lt. Paul Hasselberger, Commander

The Traffic Division is comprised of uniformed officers who are specially trained in traffic enforcement and the investigation of serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents. There are four primary functions of traffic law enforcement:

1. Observe and regulate the flow of traffic and, when necessary, direct the traffic in a manner as to not interrupt the flow.

2. Observe individual motorists and pedestrians for violations of the law.

3. Investigate traffic accidents, protect persons and property from further harm, and prepare a report.

4. Educate motorists and the public in general about traffic safety.

These functions are facilitated through various enforcement approaches and programs employed by officers of the division. The department has a speed trailer which has been deployed extensively throughout the year. It is an effective tool in addressing and evaluating complaints of speeding at various locations throughout the City. We have received a positive response from residents regarding its use and receive frequent requests for deployment in various locations around the City. Deployment of this unit will continue in the following year and, as a result of its effectiveness, consideration may be given to purchasing an additional unit if funding becomes available.

Members of the Traffic Division continue to receive in-service training to ensure that they are kept abreast of the latest technological advances and techniques available for traffic enforcement.

All members of the division are certified accident reconstructionists which is essential in the investigation of all fatal and serious motor vehicle crashes.