Technical Services Division
Lt. David J. Niland, Commander



The Technical Services Division (TSD) provides information services that facilitate the efficient gathering and dissemination of timely, accurate and complete information in a usable form to the entire Clifton Police Department.

It also plans and coordinates the implementation of advanced technology in support of strategic initiatives through utilization of in-house support staff and contract vendors.

Assumes the responsibilities of project coordinator for all capital improvement projects for the police department.

TSD responsibilities:

Operational Support

Local Area Networks (LAN)

Personal Computers

Mainframe Computer Operations

Software Application Systems

Data Communications Networks

Data Processing Unit

Police Records Unit

Evidence & Property Unit

Communications Unit

Identification, Licensing, and Jail Management Unit


Develops and supports computer applications such as:

Digital Booking System

Electronic Complaint & Restraining Order System

Live Scan Fingerprinting System

Photo Imaging Automated Mug Shot & Line-up System


Operational Support

Maintenance of a full-service data processing environment that is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via a centrally located data center that is connected to a network of input and output devices accessible to all commands. Presently, in excess of 35 applications are maintained and made available to various users.

Support of several mainframe computers

Support of the 9-1-1 central processing unit (which supports the dispatching of emergency resources where needed).

Support of the Mobile Data Computer (MDC) network which at the present time provides officers in radio motor patrol vehicles with access to computerized information from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), as well as the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) network.


Data Processing Unit

                   Maintenance and acquisition of all computer related equipment.

                   Administration and enforcement of the Municipal Alarm Ordinance.

                   Preparation and generation of all requested Police Department data, such as Ė Uniform Crime Reports, Accident Profiles, and the Management Reporting System.

                   Administration of Warrant System.


Police Records Unit

Maintain all centralized Police Department records and other related files.

Administration of the dissemination of public records.

Preparation of the Police Departmentís Annual Report.

Administration of all Department Personnel Records, including scheduling, attendance and overtime.

Processing and dissemination of Discovery Records for the Courts.



Evidence & Property Unit

Recording and safeguarding of evidence and found or recovered property.

Responsible for destruction of  adjudicated CDS cases.

Responsible for annual bicycle auction



Communications Unit

Planning and development of communications procedures with direct supervision for implementation.

Maintenance, repair and installation of all communications related equipment.

9-1-1 administration and management.

Telecommunications system administration & management.


Identification, Licensing, and Jail Management Unit

Establish policy and procedure for the processing of prisoners.

Maintenance and security of the detention facility.

Processing of persons for licenses and permits as required by law.

Administration and enforcement of Meganís Law.

Processing of persons seeking employment with the City of Clifton.

                    Ensure compliance of the jail with State Department of Corrections regulations.