Investigations Bureau
Captain Thomas Rinaldi, Commander







The Investigations Bureau of the Clifton Police Department consists of three primary divisions, they are:

Detective Division

Juvenile Division

Street Crimes Unit

The three divisions within the Investigations Bureau have their own unique area of responsibility. These areas all overlap to some degree, which allows the three divisions to work as one if and when a particular investigation warrants the manpower and expertise of individuals from three divisions.



The Detective Division is responsible for investigating all the adult related offenses.  The Division is currently comprised of 1 Detective Captain, 2 Detective Sergeants and 10 Detectives.  Each case received by this unit is reviewed by a supervisor, then either assigned to a detective for follow-up, held for future reference, or referred to another agency or jurisdiction.  All cases are examined on the basis of solvability and followed through to their conclusion.  This Division is also responsible for conducting all background investigations of liquor license applicants and for investigating all violations and infractions of the state Alcoholic Beverage Control laws.  A detective from this division is assigned as an ABC officer to conduct these investigations.  Investigative personnel attended various basic and advanced in-service courses, some of which include Arson, Crime Scene Photography, Recognizing and Investigating Criminal Gangs, Hostage Negotiation, Processing Crime scenes, Interviews and Interrogations, Tactical Response Team (SWAT) training etc.  This Division develops criminal intelligence and promulgates same throughout the Police Department.



The Juvenile Division is responsible for investigating all youth related offenses, they also administer and/or monitor the following programs: The D.A.R.E. program; School Resource Program; Youth Guidance Council; and C.A.S.A.  This division is staffed by a Detective Lieutenant, 2 Detective Sergeants, 8 Detectives and 1 Clerk/Typist. The Detective Lieutenant assigned to the Juvenile Division is also the Internal Affairs Officer for the Police Department, and he is assisted by two Special Investigations Detectives and other Detective Supervisors on an as needed basis.  The Detective Sergeant assigned to the Juvenile Division is also the Domestic Violence Response Team Coordinator for the Police Department.   

One of our Detective Sergeants is a certified polygraph operator. 



The Street Crimes Unit is comprised of 1 Sergeant and 5 Detectives and is responsible for all initial burglary investigations and all narcotic and vice investigations.



Investigations Bureau personnel also perform these additional functions:




This unit is comprised of officers trained in this area from both uniform and investigative units of the department.  Three detectives are  trained as members of the Tactical Response Team, and four are hostage negotiators.  These two teams work in conjunction with each other. 




Four members of this Bureau have special training in this area, and attend yearly mandatory training seminars.  Two members are also part of the Municipal Hazardous Materials Control Board.  Two investigators attend monthly Hazardous Material Board meetings, and maintain all commercial business hazardous material records, such as, >Right to Know= records.




Two members of this Bureau have been trained in this area.  They network with Federal, State, County, and Municipal authorities.  Any pertinent information that is received is maintained and directed by the liaison to the proper agency.





Three members of this Bureau are responsible for the processing and investigation of police applicants.  This process involves personal interviews, drug screening, medical and psychological testing, fingerprinting, background investigations and reports. 





Two members of this Bureau are responsible for the investigation of Internal Affairs complaints.