Administrative Services Bureau
Captain David Niland, Commander






The Administrative Services Bureau is comprised of three Divisions:

1) Administrative Services Division

2) Technical Services Division

3) Training Division

Specific areas of responsibility --

Administrative Services Division

1) Planning and Research - The development of improved practices and procedures and their application in actual operations.

2) Budgeting - Estimate and justify future needs for personnel, equipment, operational expenses, and capital improvements. Monitor budget expenditures on a constant basis.

3) Personnel - Conduct the hiring process of civilian telecommunications operators and police records unit personnel. Processing civilian telecommunicators is a process which involves interviewing, drug screening, background investigation, and medical and psychological testing.

4) Purchasing - Review specifications for items or services to be purchased. Prepare requisitions for items to be purchased. Monitor the purchasing process to ensure that goods are received and vendors are paid.

5) Government Grants - Research the availability of grants, apply for grants, and administer grants after they are awarded to the police department. Ensure compliance with all requirements of each grant. (Please refer to the following pages for additional information regarding these grants.)

6) Outside Employment - Administer and schedule the police departmentís extensive outside work program which employs both regular and special officers.

7) Inspectional Services - Ensure compliance with and determine accountability for policy and procedure instituted by the Chief of Police.

8) Supervise the police department's liaison with the Passaic County Prosecutor's Office.

Police vehicle fleet management. This includes the purchasing and equipping of new vehicles, police car accidents, recalls, repairs, and the continuous updating of our Fleet Inventory List.

Preparation of requests for Capital Bonding and the disbursement of funds under those bonds.

Administration of complaints and discipline of eighteen civilian Public Safety Telecommunications Operators (dispatchers). Those complaints come from police and fire department personnel, as well as private citizens.

Administration of Veteranís benefits for employees of the police department.

Administration of the police departmentís college incentive program.

Coordination of retirements for police department employees.

Monitoring and enforcement of State Police regulations as they relate to our use of the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS).

Monitoring and enforcement of State Department of Corrections regulations pertaining to our cell block, and the processing and handling of prisoners.

Providing management reports to police supervisors and administrators.

Providing answers to interrogatories from persons suing the police department, as required.

Completion of mandatory reports for the State and Federal governments, such as, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) report in regard to all employee injuries.

Administration of Federal and local confiscated/forfeited funds, and ensure compliance with forfeiture regulations.