Technical Services Division
Commander - Lt. Darren Brodie

The Technical Service Division (TSD) provides the Clifton Police Department with essential support functions necessary for its' continuous uninterrupted operation.

A few notable responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance of the agency's computer information network
  • Public Safety Telecommunications Emergency 9-1-1 Dispatch Center
  • Mobile Data Computer Terminals
  • Police radios

All Records, Property, and Evidence Management fall under the purview of the Technical Service Division. These functions are essential in all aspects of criminal, civil, and administrative investigations.

The Technical Service Division ensures the agency's compliance with the State of New Jersey's Department of Correction regulations regarding the cell block processing area and holding cells. These regulations are essential to assure the safety and security of prisoners.

Lastly, Technical Services Division's Identification function is responsible for several identification, licensing, and registration functions required by law. Including firearms applications and permits to purchase, liquor sales and services licencing, and sex offender registration and monitoring.