Juvenile Division
Commander - Detective Lt. William Frank

The Clifton Police Juvenile Division is a component of the Investigations Bureau. The Juvenile Division is headed by a Detective Lieutenant and one Detective Sergeant, who also serves as the Regional Coordinator for Domestic Violence. There are six detectives assigned to the division and three detectives assigned as school resource officers. Some of our responsibilities consist of:

  • Preventive Counseling and Guidance for children
  • Investigations involving Child Endangerment
  • Missing/Runaway Investigations
  • Referrals to Family Crisis Intervention Unit
  • Criminal Investigations of any nature, whether that of Juvenile or Adult concern
  • Providing educational classes to the schools regarding Cyber bullying/Harassment
  • Running a Junior Police Academy that takes place during the summer recess
  • SRO’s are assigned full time to cover the High School and Middle Schools
  • Monitor the Registry for Children with Special Needs
  • Gang Awareness

****Please Note**** All incident reports must be first reported through the Patrol Division.
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