The following is a summary of the Handicapped parking Space Regulations as required by law, including requirements as set by the City Council and the procedure and maintenance of records by the Traffic Division.



The criteria for Handicapped Parking Space in front of a residence are:

        1.    Applicant must be designated as handicapped by the Division of Motor Vehicles and possess the handicapped identification card.

        2.    Applicant or another occupant of the residence who is an immediate family member of the applicant must be a licensed driver.

        3.    Applicant must not have the use of a serviceable driveway. If the applicant's residence has a driveway, applicant must articulate what, if any, are the reasons that it cannot be used.

        4.    If the applicant does not own the home in front of which the space is to be established, then a letter of permission from the owner indicating no objection is required.


When the application is received by the Traffic Division, an investigation is conducted to ensure that the applicant is qualified. A visual inspection is made of the proposed parking location.

If all requirements are satisfied, a sample resolution is prepared after taking measurements for placement of the handicapped space.

The approved applications are then sent to the Chief of police, who, in turn, forwards the applications to the City Manager and Council for final approval and passage of resolutions.

When the Traffic Division receives copies of the resolutions from the City Clerk's office, the paint squad erects the sign and paints a space when weather permits.