Chief Centurione
Chief Centurione
Chief Mark P. Centurione

The police department headquarters is located at 900 Clifton Avenue. The Clifton Police Department is a full service police department that has been in existence for 111 years, since 1908. The Clifton Police department currently has an approved Table of Organization of 164 Sworn Officers, at least 50 of which are Military Veterans. The Sworn Officers are supported by an approved staff of 30 Class II Special Police, 21 Public Safety Telecommunicators, 13 Civilians, 7 Parking Enforcement Officers and 57 Crossing Guards. These dedicated employees work cohesively to provide outstanding service to Clifton’s estimated 86,000 residents and innumerable visitors. We at Clifton Police Department provide the full spectrum of services to our community. The Clifton Police Department Bureaus and Divisions are comprised of Field Operations - Patrol, Traffic Division, Administration - Technical Services and Training Division, Investigations - Detective Division, Youth Services Division, Narcotics Division and Chief’s - Special Investigations / Internal Affairs.

Our Bureaus work seamlessly together to ensure quality services are delivered to our customers in addition to undertaking numerous programs to engage our youth, elderly and special needs citizens.

Please enjoy our website. Many answers to common questions can be found here, along with links directly to various divisions and various forms. In addition please take a moment to sign up for community alerts on the Swift 911 link.

We look forward to working with our city leadership, citizens and often stakeholders to improve the quality of life for all.