Traffic Division
Abandoned Vehicle Reporting Page

Abandoned vehicles take up public parking spaces, are an eye sore, and can be linked to criminal activity. Residents are encouraged to report such vehicles to the police department via the non-emergency phone number 973-470-5911 so an officer can respond to investigate the proper course of action.

Residents should know that just because a car hasn’t moved in 48 hours does not automatically mean it’s abandoned, and can be impounded. Officers from the Traffic Divisions will investigate each complaint to determine if the vehicle can be ticketed and/or towed. Keep in mind that some of our residents go on vacation or are housebound, and their vehicles may not move frequently as a result.

For your convenience, you may fill-in information below regarding the abandoned vehicle, then click the Submit button.

Note: Including your name and eMail is optional but, is useful should we need to follow-up with you regarding this matter.

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